Thursday, June 17, 2010

MU Undetected WPE pro

Ok guys i know all of MU cheaters wants a WPE pro that is undetected by MU GameGuards
i've searched the net. and i've found one that is undetected by most of the GameGuards.
Some of the servers have updated the GameGuard related to these issue but i think 90% of them still dont bother to update so i'll give u the link to download these cool WPE.... All of the little "hackes" knows that WPE in MU is the key to all dupes and tricks to get "powerful" or "rich". If you find these tool useful please comment and subscribe.

Download Link:

Download Link 1 Free - Mu Undetected WPE
Or try the mirror
Download Link 1 Free - Mu Undetected WPE - Mirror

Just complet a survey and wait about 30 sec or 1 min and your download will start automaticly Video tutorial how to download easy

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1 comment:

  1. sir can you attache this file to my email,,couse i cant download it here in our country phillipines