EasyHits4U Bot

I just finish one project called EasyHits4U Bot
These Tool will make your job more easy on EasyHits4U surfing
you don't have to stay anymore with your eyes open in front of EasyHits4U
webpage to click the captcha or claim your prizes, these bot will do all
these things for you automatic.

- Auto Captcha Resolve (50% Accurately) Not recomanded only if you really need'it (On Next Version Will Be 100%)
- Captcha Pop-Up Window When Timer Is Over
- Auto Claim Prizes After 25/50/100 surfings, so you don't need to stay with your eyes in front of EasyHits4U.com WebPage
- Auto Captcha Resolve after 30 seconds if you have some business to do :)
- Java Scripts and IE scripts bypassing
- Undetectable

- .Net Framework 4
- IE 6 or later version
- $5.00 To pay for your license :)

Got bored? :) Read down to see the demo and some screen shoots

Here is the demo video on YouTube:

And Here are some screen shoots click on them to make the bigger :)

What you get if you buy'it:
- 1 PC License
- Online Support
- Free Updates untill v2.0

To Buy EasyHits4U Bot, first download the bot from the link below, open the application, click activate copy your unique ID click the below "Buy Button" make the payment after you make the payment send an email to neutrin02004[AT]yahoo.com with the payment ID and your unique ID and in max 12 hours you will get the license code.

Download EasyHits4U Bot v1.0

Make the payment:

NOTE! If you donit have a verified paypal account or a credit card attached to the account you can send the money on paypal address neutrin02004@yahoo.com as Gift and send your unique ID to the same address.