Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest DotA Gold and LVL hack

I present you a hack for DotA all stars to hack the gold or your hero level.
Here is some features and commands.

-Bushido(activates cheats)
-gold #
-lumber #
-int #
-agi #
-str #
-lvl #
-xp #
-hp #

-mp #
-ms #
-mana (Mana stays at 100%)
-invis (makes unit invisible)
-vis (visible)
-pathoff (walkthrough walls)
-pathon (normal)
-nocd (no cooldown)
-cdon (cooldown on)
-hear (You can see what everyone is saying)
-nohear (back to normal)
-addhp (Adds hp to any unit, needs to be divisable by 50)
-setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)

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Download link:

Download Link Free - DotA Lvl/Gold Hack

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