Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest MU Hack 2010 for season 4 and season 5

I present you the new MU Online hack available now the release date is june 2010
Here is some features of what these hack do:

- AutoKill Monsters - Skill and non Skill
- AutoKill Players - Skill and non Skill
- AutoPickup Items (Filter non-filter items) # and Teleport Back to Spot
- Teleport
- AgilityHack
- AG hack
- Vault Hack
- Packet Sniffer
- PlayerSight Events
- OnDie Events
- SpoofName Hack
- MoonWalker
- SpiderMan
- GodMode
- DC hack

If u need help to bypass game guard on some servers post here and i'll try to help you

If you find these tool useful please comment and subscribe.

Here is the youtube movie i've made to prove it works

Download Links:

Download Link Free - Mu Hack 2010 <-- These one is for private servers s4 s5
Or try the mirror
Download Link Free - Mu Hack 2010 <-- These one is for private servers s4 s5 - Mirror

Download Link Free - Mu Hack 2010 GMO <-- These one is for Global Mu Online s5
Or try the mirror
Download Link Free - Mu Hack 2010 GMO <-- These one is for Global Mu Online s5 - Mirror


Now you can unlock all the downloads in Ware-tools Download Manager, click on these link to get all the downloads not just one

Just compleat one survey and the download will start automaticly after 30 seconds or 1 minute depends on the site if it is laggy Video tutorial how to download easy

If you have problems using it just leave a comment and i'll response and check back later for more hacks i'll update the blog every day.
Thank You!


  1. Guys if you want other download sites support me as it says in post

  2. What kind of support you need>i dont understand the arrow pointing to the right side..i think, you like to support you an official website,that what you me about your support sir?so that you can upload it in another link..

  3. please.... trial version...pls..

  4. there is no trial version just full version to download.. if you needit downloadit.. and if you are lazy and dont complet surveys buy a premium account with 3.99 and you can download all the files from here.. my files worth more than $3.99 so do as you wish..

  5. Nashul, when i open the Muproxy.exe, i can't run it because i don't have autorization or something similar, can you help me?

    Please, if possible, answer me here or by e-mail(

    Thank you.

  6. what widows you use and what version youve download GMO or private?

  7. I use Windows XP SP3, i downloaded the GMO Version.

  8. the GMO is in BETA testing... the private version works good but GMO may have some errors sorry i'll come with updates soon

  9. Ok, thank you.

    But please, say me when the update is available, here or by e-mail(

    Thank you again.

  10. Nashul, i recently tryied to download the private server version of the this muproxy, but i can't because the sharecash, i tryied a lot of times, and i can't.

    Can you upload in other site/link, or send the file to me by e-mail(

    Thank you.

  11. Go go go :)... Ur insane =] great stuff's u have here :D ( jul was here :P )

  12. i realy need this hack so send it to my email plz i dont know how to donwload from sharcash so plz send me the file to

  13. donate $1 and you will have access to all downloads i'll not send files to emails

  14. man, I download your file after paying, but the Mu Hack Season 5 GMO not work. It said the authorization failed!!!

  15. does this thing work on windows vista???

  16. sir how can i buy you file? im form phils

  17. PAPASA PO PWEDE!!??? e2 po email q:

  18. Hi Nashul,
    I'm interested in buying this program but I have serveral questions first..
    Please contact me be email or by msn or give me your msn/email/skype and i will send you my questions


  19. hey man does this work on grudgemu?

  20. Hello Nashua I am interested in purchasing your files in USD/Paypal, I do have some questions though and I would like to use this in GMO. You can email me at:
    I will return your email asap, thanks and best wishes,

  21. can you talk to me in my YM and lets talk about the paying transaction i dont have paypal nor credit cards i only can afford that using Western Union ican pay you 5 usd for that.

    heres my YM

    thank you Nashul
    i am looking forward to use your invention.

  22. send mail
    thanks u