Sunday, June 20, 2010

MU hack SND Bot v1.82

Bot will give you some of the following features:
-Reconnect if you get disconnected
-Start GMO without browser
-Timer with lots of features like Warp to maps, Say something, Change speed, etc...
-Chat system - chat with other Snd Bot users
-Advanced Bot types for each of classes
-PVP PK tool (Auto-hold CTRL)
-Built-in Combo bot
-Built-in Nova bot
-Advanced DL mouse movement
-Isolate JEWEL sound
-Drop items
-Repair items
-Pause Bot while chatting in "whisper" mode (normal chat, whisper, guild, party chat...)

Video Proof:

comming soon

edit: rename tablet.exe to xpadder.exe if you are GMO player

Please read "ReadMe.txt" file first! before you post any of your questions. Thank you.

Some of bot's Screen Shots

If you have Vista or Windows7 run the bot as administrator (right click on tablet.exe file and click "run as administrator")

Download Links:

Download Link 1 Free - SND Bot v1.82 BETA
Download Link 2 Free - SND Bot v1.8


Now you can unlock all the downloads in Ware-tools Download Manager, click on these link to get all the downloads not just one

Just compleat one survey and the download will start automaticly after 30 seconds or 1 minute depends on the site if it is laggy Video tutorial how to download easy


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