Thursday, June 17, 2010

MU auto picker cusom items and auto cliker

I present you now a MU cheat that allows you to pickup what items you want (jewels, exc items, ancient items, rare items, etc.) while you are offline it has an auto clicker feature and stealth mode to protect yourself. If you find these tool useful please comment and subscribe.
Here are some infos:

The best bot for one of the most popular MMORPG games MU Online.
Level up your character without spending 100% of your time in front of the computer. Minimize your game window and use other programs while the bot is playing for you.

Support for all features of the Avanta version
Multiple game instances (Play with two or more characters at the same time)
Automatic pick-up only of jewels and excellent/ancient items
Automatic pick-up of specific items
Automatic "/request off" Stealth options:
Automatic game exit on level 400
Automatic reply if another character (or GM) is speaking near your hero
Stop automatic pick-up if another character is standing next to your hero

Screen Shots:

Download Link:

Download Link Free - Auto Picker
Or try the mirror
Download Link Free - Auto Picker - Mirror


Now you can unlock all the downloads in Ware-tools Download Manager, click on these link to get all the downloads not just one

Just complet a survey and wait about 30 sec or 1 min and your download will start automaticly Video tutorial how to download easy (I recomand to use US proxyes for faster downloads).