Friday, July 2, 2010

Mu Hit Hack 2010 download

Ware-tools presents you a little mu hack but is very useful
With These little hack you will be able to kill your oponent in one hit auto potion fast god mode to mobs and auto combo. Give it a try is undetectable
I dont think these will be patched soon.. because the packets are a mistery to a lot of server admins :)
Well... what can i say more... i have a video here to see how it works.... download and have fun

Video Proof:

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Download Link:

Mu Hit Hack 2010 Download Free
Or try the mirror
Mu Hit Hack 2010 Download Free - MIRROR


Now you can unlock all the downloads in Ware-tools Download Manager, click on these link to get all the downloads not just one

Just complet one survey and the download will start automaticly after 30 seconds or 1 minute depends on the site if it is laggy Video tutorial how to download easy


  1. >:) very nice >:) but i'm not in hurry to download it,if i go at gate in devias and i will use 1hit..OMG T_T...every1 will run and no more fun :))

  2. i payment for download!! pliz help error framework v4.04 ... pliz link for download framework v4.04

  3. maybe your pc have not yet installed 32 bit (WIC)

  4. this the link for the .net framework 4.0

    -if its still error..maybe your pc have not yet installed with 32 bit window imaging component..if you have not yet download it..the .net framework will be error when you start to install it because it gonna look for the 32 bit window imaging component in your computer..

  5. dud.... take the framework from microsoft not from brothersoft or other sites

  6. but still working when i use the brothersoft site..when i go to the microsoft site the site is error..cant load in my pc

  7. problem with download link !!!
    when I try to Complete a Quick Survey this message is show :
    We're sorry!
    This offer is not available in your area.
    You will be redirected shortly.
    And than redirect me to facebook game

    so I kindly ask for help or other alternative link for download
    P.S. by the way I am from Serbia

  8. Next time i'll compile the applications with net frwork 3.0 or 3.5

  9. CAn you GUys give us the download link in asia part ......Like Rapid share or 4shared plzzzz

  10. nashul,can u mail me..

    i want buy this hack..

    before tht i have several question to ask u...

    hope u can mail as soon as possible...

    this my email :