Monday, July 19, 2010

Hi5 Coins Hack

In these post i'll show you how to add coins on Hi5 with coins you can buy sh!it in games there... i'll not say to much because you know i always make a video proof.
Just don't abuse with these and is OK... if Hi5 will patch these i'll try to update'it.
Download and have fun.

Video Proof:

Download Link:

Hi5 Pirate - Coins Hack
Or try the mirror
Hi5 Pirate - Coins Hack Mirror


Now you can unlock all the downloads in Ware-tools Download Manager, click on these link to get all the downloads not just one

Just complet one survey and the download will start automaticly after 30 seconds or 1 minute depends on the site if it is laggy Video tutorial how to download easy


  1. please an other link.... this link didn't work for me:((

  2. the link is working fine! read the instructions

  3. Links to help change the download is not little.

  4. ¾ rainbow will come a new look to be changed to help download.

  5. Pot sa iti dau adresa de mail sa imi trimiti te rog? Nu imi merge^^

  6. man..please..send it have sent you 2 mails, but you didn't saw them..probably cause im sure you are very occupied...please....buddy..or on my google:alcohol_fr33

  7. No, you are wrong i've seen your email and about 20 - 30 more emails simiar to yours and guess what? i've ignored them and i will ignore them if you want my softwares dwonload them or donate 2$ and you will get access to download manager. Im not sending special emails to "special people" and i will not send.

  8. salut , prin sms cum pot sa platesc si cat costa ?